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English for kidsEnglish for kids

Book Talk values the relationship between parents and children. Write a story that belongs to you and your children based on the quality of time that you spend with each other. We also believe that parents are the best teacher for their children, so you can actually turn your fun family day into a learning day as well.

Spiritual Fun Family Day

Give English a hand

English for kidsExperience the meaning of sharing, caring and gratefulness as a volunteer for a day with your children.

Become a volunteer at UNICEF

Become a volunteer at Save the Children


Outdoor English Lesson for your Family Day

English class in outdoor

Farming Campingenglish class spaceHiking english class spaceExploring English for kids

One of the effective ways to increase your children's vocabulary is to explore and experience new things in real life. We provide a list of words for you to go over with your kids during your advernture outdoor activity.

Book Talk offers creative ideas for you to turn your family day into an adventure English class. Stay tuned for our Book Talk blog updates.


Indoor English Lesson Activities For Your Family Day


Wetland park-






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