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Book Talk English / Mandarin Courses

Book Talk Speak & Story Classes Age 2.5 -8

Use one of the most effective ways to teach English with storytelling. Book Talk's most popular class.

Book Talk Play & Story Classes Age 1.5 - 2.5 ( Available in Mandarin)

This class captures the fun quality of a traditional playgroup, and emphasizes the importance of “reading-like” and English activity within its classes.

Book Talk –Write & Story Age: 5 - 9

By adapting interactive story-based teaching method to enhance your child’s interests in writing, it will be more natural and more confidence for them to express themselves through the sequence of words.

Book Talk - Grammar & Story Age: 5 -9

Book Talk’s curriculum is story-based and is designed to learn the rule of grammar in a fun and innovative way.  The main focus of this course is to make children learn how to use the grammar correctly. 



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