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About Book Talk


Book Talk offers a small, playgroup-style learning environment where kids cannot help but learn through the adventures of story.

As our foundation instead of bricks, we use books, a lot of them!Introducing children to the wonder of English and story will grow their interest in English and imagination by showing them what fun language and reading can be. And as they build your house of learning, expect their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to improve as well. Build and no Big Bad Wolf can blow your house down!


Once upon a time, there was little book with a big dream. The book thought that he and his fellow books should meet all the world’s children, so they could be best friends forever. And, just like a fairytale, their wish came true in October 2009, when Book Talk was born.

born to tell storiesborn to tell stories

Book Talk was born out of a passion to make stories come to life. We believe that every child is a storyteller at heart – and it’s through sharing stories that we bring out the natural storytellers in all of our students.

It’s not just one of the most effective ways they can engage with the English and Mandarin language, but it also becomes a way for them to share part of themselves.

We’re convinced that our students will become just as passionate about telling stories as we are. We teach English and Mandarin through the world of story, so that each student can learn in a more natural and organic way. And as well as sharing the joy of reading, it’s also a lot more fun!




Our Library

Our library is what sets Book Talk apart from other English centres. With over 6,000 fiction and non-fiction books at both of our centres, and new books added each month, there is always a story for an English learner at any level. With a range of both classic children’s stories and exciting new titles, we have created a diverse library to encourage our students to read as widely as they can – after all, we believe it’s the best way for them to learn.





learn environment

Our Learning Environment

Our expansive libraries will help enrich each and every student with a love for reading.

Our creative and colourful centres are the perfect nurturing environment for reading, and for our students to begin telling their own stories. The best part is that the learning doesn’t have to stop after they leave for the day – all our students are free to take home books so story time can continue at home.




Book Talk Teacher


You won’t see our noses grow, Pinocchio. Our instructors are native-Englishand native Mandarin speakers. Patient, enthusiastic, energetic, caring and dramatic are the words to describe our teachers.

Now equip our animated instructors with the extensive, intriguing library and your child may find practicing English is contagious in our warm atmosphere. And while the teachers may not have any puppet strings to hold them down, you may see them go as far as dancing to help illustrate a concept/point to your child. And that’s the truth, Pinocchio!





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